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Summer 2006     Fall 2006    

Just Born!

Kent's first pictures

These were the very first pictures taken of our little guy! When he was born, his eyes got a little squished, so he didn't open them up very much. He weighed 9lb 4oz at birth: very healthy!

Home at Last

Time for resting

Looking at these pictures now makes me smile. He slept so peacefully! He still sleeps great, but nothing beats those beautiful moments! We were both exhausted from all our hard work!

New Family:

...and then there were three!

Our first family picture at home.


Still in the Hospital:

Getting to know one another

We stayed in the hospital for 2 days... during that time, we figured out how breastfeeding worked, and spent time getting to know each other. Those memories are kind of a blur, since we were all exhausted, but the pictures help me remember.

Home Sweet Home:

Time for holding

Jeff's parents came into town the day we had Kent... We were all able to hold him and get to know him as the newest member of our family.

I still can't believe he used to be that small and could fit in my tummy!