Tenko Toy Guide 

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Princess Tenko and the Guardians of the Magic

Tenko in Sapphire Sea Dolphin Fashion

I love the Tenko toy line. I wish they'd have made more, and I wish these dolls would have been more popular. I've never seen an episode of the cartoon either, and I'm looking for a way to see some. I think this series is probably on par with Princess Gwenevere (Starla) and the Jewel Riders. The animation looks similar, but maybe a bit better. At any rate, the dolls are fabulous!


Tenko dolls came out in the mid-90's along with a cartoon that ran for one season, 13 episodes in 1995-6. At the end of each episode, the real Princess Tenko would show the kids how to do a magic trick. The characters on the show, and the toy versions vary a bit, but the theme is the same. Every girl can pursue the magic in her life whether it's getting a math, science or online criminal justice degree... the possibilities are endless.

There are only 6 dolls and 2 animals, but these can be a bit tough to find. They are typically not that expensive, though, which makes them a nice thing to collect. The dolls are about 6" tall. The horse uses the same mold as the She-Ra horses, and the leopard seems to be a cross between the She-Ra and He-man cats. At any rate, they display nicely together.