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She-Ra has always and always will be my favorite. I grew up playing with the toys, watching the cartoon, and drawing the characters. Now that I am an adult, I still love the series, and this site will serve as my tribute to The Best Female Action Figure Ever!

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New questions as of December 15, 2011

Chris asks: It has been stated that there won't be Filmation-style variants of He-Man, Skeletor etc in the Classics style, but would you consider doing variants of characters like Clawful, Tung Lashor and Multi-Bot who had distinctly different cartoon guises?
It may be more that the Horsemen will now be looking at Filmation as well as an overall influence for each sculpt in their method of creating the ultimate classic version of each character. With so many characters yet to do, it is unlikely we will tackle an all new Clawful in the near future, but hey, you never know what could happen in time.

USRG asks: Shadow Weaver was frequently referred to as the 'Mistress of Dark Magic' in the Ladybird books. How cool does that sound?! Is this something you could use as her tagline?
We just got in packaged samples of her and her tag line is "Evil Mistress of Dark Magic!"

Alex asks: Is it possible to include Adora's night gown outfit from The Secret of the Sword, perhaps with a future Force Captain Adora variant (like Marlena's removable dress)?
Possible? Sure. Planned right now? No.

Ealo asks: With the recent overhaul of Digital River's customer service process, will European buyers be offered the chance to pay their sales taxes at the time of purchase? Many American companies already offer this.
This is something we are actively working on.

Rilee asks: Will the Create a Character contest winner feature the original artwork on the back of the packaging (next to the bio)?
Likely we will have Mattel artists draw the character much as Bruce Timm drew the final image of Fearless Photog back in the day (along with all the vintage context finalists). But hey, you never know. It may depend on who wins and what the entry looks like.

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She-Ra first made her debut on television in 1985, after the success of He-Man. She is his twin sister, separated at birth. Her real name is Adora, raised by the Evil Horde and brainwashed by Shadow Weaver. He-Man travels to Etheria to find her, and once she breaks the spell, she holds aloft her magic sword and says, 'For the honor of Grayskull, I AM SHE-RA!

The toyline ran from 1985-1987 and produced two full waves. The third wave made it to prototype stage, but not all of them were produced, so we only have pictures of the Star Sisters. The rest of the third wave is so rare, that they are very expensive to collect.