She-Ra Princess of Power: The Great Rebellion
Diane Pershing voices:
First seen in the episode " When Whispering Woods Last Bloomed "

Image cropped from the episodes " The Inspector " and " Portrait of Doom "

Netossa is the Rebellion's highly-skilled capturer.

Netossa, the only black female to have graced the She-Ra Princess of Power series, originally arrived in Bright Moon whilst on a spring holiday with Spinnerella. It is apparent from her debut episode that both she and Spinnerella originally came from a place where there is no Rebellion - and thus outlining the iron-grip the Horde has on the entire planet. Because of this, Hordak used Spinnerella's ignorance to his advantage; he had Netossa taken prisoner and blamed the Rebels for her capture. Caring only for the safety of her friend, Spinnerella helped the Horde enter Whispering Woods, in the vain hope that they would help 'free' Netossa from the Rebellion. Spinnerella realised that she had been tricked, after Netossa showed up with She-Ra, sent the Horde packing and thus joined the Great Rebellion. [ 78 ]

The relationship between the two seems to be a very strong one - not only did Spinnerella jump at the oppurtunity to save her friend, Netossa also her 'sister' to reassure her that no hard-feelings had been caused for attacking the Rebels.

Her prime ability is one of the more realistic powers expressed in the series. No magical aid or mythical source allowed her to throw nets strapped to her back - that was all her own work, putting her on a par, skill-wise, with Bow. She captured a moving Catra after being thrown by She-Ra, [ 91 ] and a threatening Horde Trooper - her precision is shown by the fact that she threw this particular net through the bars on her cell-door! [ 78 ]

However, although Netossa's job was to capture her enemies, it seems ironic that three out of her four appearances saw her as an easy target for Horde imprisonments. The Spinnerella-incident gave Netossa her first invite to the Fright Zone Dungeons, and soon after that she was trapped in a freezing ice-block [ 87 ] and then in a magical painting! [ 88 ] Some people are just unlucky, I guess...

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When Whispering Woods Last Bloomed
The Inspector
Portrait of Doom
Assault On The Hive

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